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Lisa Louise-Hawaii

Do not delay, sign up today for the enchanting workshop with Diana. The magic she brings will spur you to your deepest creativity. She brings her alchemical primordial Goddess Nature and all of her animal friends to enliven the day. Join Diana for a deep dive into your true nature!


Mel-San Rafael, Ca

Diana led an incredible personal and unforgettable workshop. She was like a priestess, a wise woman as she met us in our seated circle and led us by drumbeat through darkened corridors into a candlelit room. I felt transported to another dimension. Diana's clear, powerful voice took us on a guided meditation and through it I was able to listen to my deeper self. She created a space where my body and spirit aligned and we danced with our shadow.


Raimonda- Montreal, Canada

What a mesmerizing experience! So abundant, deep, rich and surprising! A ceremony to gently guide us into our shadows where we received gifts. Such a well thought out experience where depth and play joined together in a harmonious fun way. I truly feel light, happy and very grateful!


Melissa W. Virginia

When I think of Diana, I see a brilliantly shining golden light rooted to the Earth. And I see the rich colors of her paintings in browns and greens and blues and golds...all shining around this light.

This is how her magic affects me. Her workshops are playful, and yet she guides her students to deep places within where they can cherish themselves and thrive.

I love her earnest dedication to the healing journey of the people she touches.



Diana's playful heart shows throughout her workshop and I experienced both joy and serenity.

Diana's playfulness and creativity included calming dark and light play with candles and the unexpected and delightful face painting exercise with the double fun of looking at it with black lights!



Diana, you are pure magic!

Lover of nature, animals, and all that is mystical, magical and beautiful about this world... and then effortlessly, and with complete abandon, playfulness, grace and love, showed us how to do the same.