Diana Fisch, educator for 20+ years and completed 2 year Expressive Arts program under Chris Zydel.  Who am I beneath the surface of my name and my credentials, and what experiences led me to this place of expressive freedom?

  I have lived and traveled all around the world and have, like a mischievous crow,  acquired trinkets of  jewelry, ribbon, pastels, crayons, watercolors, and beautiful blank sheets of weighted paper. This collection of possibilities were evidence of my deep longing to create. 

With my nose pressed to the window, outside of this sacred realm of creation, I envied others experiencing the joy of painting and drawing and other artistic expressions.

That was until, I lost my mom, my dad and then unexpectedly my best friend, who was also my brother, Don. These wounds unearthed the formerly buried pain and confusion I faced when, at age 17, I had lost my brother Mike . I was numb, powerless, and did not have any hope of feeling anything but devastation.  


 I realized that color, shape and image in the form of pastels and paints helped me to express on paper more clearly than I could verbally. Through this process I found I could experience deep emotion and find clarity to deeper patterns or issues.  I wanted to continue this journey and am now an Expressive Arts Facilitator. As I continue the exploration, I find visual expressions of sorrow, treasures of acceptance, gifts of recognition, and love which I want to share with others. 


With this practice, I have burst out of my imaginary restraints and am finally experiencing fresh air, vivid lush landscapes, and a broad, limitless sky of possibilities, nourishing my body and soul.  I have discovered the necessity of artistic expression, the importance of the sacred circle of family and tribe, and the power of universal connection. With new courage, I have jumped into the depths of the ocean,  to feel the bitter cold current, the rush and power of movement, and the freedom to experience wonders all around and within me.


This magpie not only can fly, but she can swim in the deep subconscious, thriving in the wilderness of uncertainty, returning home with treasures of understanding, joy and wisdom. 

Won't you join me for an adventure of the unknown, in a workshop that just might find you experiencing new perspectives, wondrous vistas, and chills and thrills that will take your breath away?