Preparing for this adventure

-We start with movement, and meditation,

- invite the part of us that feels like, or actually still IS, a four year old,

-to emerge, ignite and blaze through the shoulds and should nots,

-to paint whatever we desire, and along the way,

-we learn to face the self imposed limitations of doubt, and fear.

All in a safe, supportive environment.

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Art Heals!


 Raw HeArt Art  is a way to connect to and express your deepest emotion, however it wants to show up, whether quiet rumblings, joyful play, or agonizing rage, you are in a safe, supportive space.


It is not about technique, or skill , and not about pleasing someone else.


 Raw HeArt Art is about giving to yourself, listening to your inner wisdom, and tuning out the critics.


Read how art helped me find my voice, and care for my traumatized, wounded heart, on the About Me page.


Raw HeaArt Art Frees! 


No prior art experience is necessary.

Have you ever wanted to experience the freedom of painting from your raw heart,


the part that was bold enough to play with color just because, and did not look to others for approval?

Have you wanted to paint, but have been afraid to try?​

Or are you an artist who may feel confined within self imposed boundaries?


All are welcome

  at  Raw HeArt Art Studio!


Join Raw Heart Healing Art 

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